Pet Vaccinations in Monongahela: Vet Gives Dog Vaccinations

Increasing Wellness with Pet Vaccinations

Your pet needs yearly health checks and preventative medicine to keep illness at arm’s length. Therefore, we recommend pet vaccinations as part of their wellness program. With a stronger immune system, your pet is better equipped to resist illness and live a longer life. Our veterinarians at Monongahela Animal Hospital can guide you in choosing the best vaccine schedule and keeping your pet protected for as long as possible.

Vaccines equip your pet with essential antibodies for resisting disease.
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Important Disease Concerns


Lyme Disease

Here in Monongahela, our doctors see many cases of Lyme disease, which spreads through the bite of black-legged ticks. It can take months for an infected animal to begin showing clinical signs, which include inflamed joints, lameness, and fever.



Rabies is not especially common, but it is deadly. A single bite from an infected raccoon, skunk, fox, or coyote will transmit this viral disease, which attacks the central nervous system. Dogs and cats should be vaccinated for rabies as long as their doctor recommends it to keep them protected.



Canine distemper and feline distemper are two different diseases, but both can be fatal. Their clinical signs include lethargy, fever, appetite loss, and discharge from the eyes and nose. Along with the rabies vaccine, our distemper vaccines are essential to your pet's lifelong health.

Pet Vaccinations in Monongahela: Dog Wrapped in Towel

Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Most pets benefit from a vaccine program that includes both core and non-core (lifestyle-based) vaccines:

We carry non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats, which eliminate injection-site sarcoma (malignant skin tumor) risks. Additionally, we offer 3-year rabies and distemper vaccines for dogs and cats which we may give them after the initial 1-year vaccine to prevent over-vaccination.

Pet Vaccinations in Monongahela: Kittens Playing on Cat Tower

Make Sure Your Pet Gets an Early Start

Puppies and kittens need their initial vaccine boosters to help strengthen their immune systems. Call (724) 258-8406 to begin your pet’s vaccination program!