Pet Diagnostics in Monongahela: Vet Gives Dog Wellness Exam

Solving Health Problems with Pet Diagnostics

At Monongahela Animal Hospital, we use pet diagnostics to ensure that underlying illnesses have fewer places to hide. Unlike human doctors, we can’t ask our patients what’s wrong or how they’re feeling. Also, dogs and cats do not always show outward signs of pain or sickness. Whether your pet is seeing us for a general wellness check or to receive treatment, we have the tools needed to better understand their health.

Why We Recommend Lab Work

Lab work is an excellent way for us to evaluate your pet’s inner workings. Along with checking your pet’s blood, we can also look at fecal, urine, and tissue samples to get important clues about their health.

  • Blood testing: Testing your pet’s blood can yield important information, such as the presence of an infection or high blood sugar. It can also alert us to heartworm disease, Lyme disease, and other parasitic diseases.
  • Urine testing: A urine check may alert us to a urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and even diabetes.
  • Fecal testing: We recommend yearly fecal tests to check for intestinal parasites (roundworms, tapeworms, Giardia). Unusual coloration and/or texture of the stool may also indicate a gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Skin testing: If your pet has an itch or a skin disorder, it may be necessary to take a small tissue sample for testing. Skin problems can stem from an allergy, fungal infection, or parasite.
Pet Diagnostics in Monongahela: Vet Gives Cat Wellness Exam

The Value of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography (X-ray) offers a higher level of clarity and accuracy when diagnosing issues associated with the bones, joints, and heart. It also makes X-ray appointments shorter (and a little easier) for your pet. No film trays or time-consuming film development are required for us to obtain sharp, high-contrast X-ray images. Even better, we can email X-rays to other veterinarians or specialists in seconds.

We recommend X-rays for senior pets with chronic arthritis and/or heart disease. However, we can also use it for detecting tumors, foreign bodies, and bone fractures.

If your pet is due for diagnostics or has an urgent health problem, call us today at (724) 258-8406.

Pet Diagnostics in Monongahela: Vet Gives Dog X-Ray