Pet Euthanasia in Monongahela: Sympathy Memorial

End of Life Care and Pet Euthanasia

At Monongahela Animal Hospital, our goal is to help people and their pets share many long, happy years together. And as beloved pets approach their twilight years, it becomes necessary to make decisions about their end of life care. Ensuring that your pet can pass peacefully and in comfort when the time comes is important to us.

Knowing When the Time is Right

To determine whether euthanasia is the best decision for your pet, we need to consider their prognosis. If their health is degrading and cannot be improved with medication or other means, euthanasia might be the only way to end their suffering. Pets with a good prognosis may do well with medication and/or therapy to keep them pain-free and healthy.

While our team is here to offer support and accurate information, the decision to move forward with euthanasia is solely yours. If you need someone to talk to regarding this decision, please give us a call at (724) 258-8406.

Pet Euthanasia in Monongahela: Elderly Dog
Pet Euthanasia in Monongahela: Cat Sleeping in Owner's Lap

We Can Accommodate You

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. We respect our clients’ need for privacy during this time, making sure that they and their pet are brought into an exam room immediately and given blankets, tissues, and anything else they need. If your pet is not a patient, we will take down their information right away to make the process go smoothly—you deserve nothing less.

In addition, clients have the option of entering and/or exiting our hospital through the back door. If your pet cannot be moved, we can also come out to your vehicle and perform the procedure. Our pet euthanasia procedures always include gently sedating the pet first to make their passing as peaceful as possible.

Cremation and Keepsakes

Monongahela Animal Hospital partners with a local crematory to provide cremation services to our clients, which include custom urns and clay paw prints. However you choose to memorialize your pet, we’ll make sure that your requests are fulfilled. If you have questions about the handling of your pet’s remains, you’re welcome to call us at any time.