Connie Lusk, Office Manager

Office manager Connie Lusk has been part of the Monongahela Animal Hospital team since 1996. A longtime lover of animals, she's worked in the animal care industry for over 35 years and was a dog groomer for 24 years. Connie enjoys working at Monongahela Animal Hospital because she likes being around animals and the wonderful staff and clients. Of course, she also likes working with Dr. Lisa Lusk, who is the hospital's owner and Connie's daughter, and she likes seeing her grandchildren every day too!

Connie shares her home with a Welsh Corgi named Teddy and a Pyrenees mix named Tucker. When she is not working at the hospital, she likes to garden, attend auctions and make dried floral wreaths. She especially likes to spend time with her 10 grandchildren, and her wonderful husband Bob.

Jayme Palla, Practice Manager

Jayme Palla is Monongahela Animal Hospital's practice manager. Also a veterinary technician at the hospital, she has worked here since 1997. She likes the pleasant and fun atmosphere and enjoys meeting new people and seeing the many different animals that come through the hospital's doors.

Jayme has an English Bulldog named Dizzle, a French Bulldog named Rosebud and a Persian cat named Rags. When she is not at work, she likes to spend her time gardening, scrapbooking, baking, fishing, spending time with her husband Ed, and playing with her daughter, Carly.

Angie, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Angie Persichetti has worked at Monongahela Animal Hospital since 2004 and enjoys the family-like atmosphere of the practice. Angie has been employed in the animal care field for over 10 years. She is owner of four dogs named Uno, Skittles, Mako the Dachshund, and Gertie the Shih-Tzu. When she's not working, Angie enjoys spending her free time with her family, fishing, gardening and decorating.

Ashley Hazy, Veterinary Technician

Part-time veterinary technician Ashley Hazy has worked at Monongahela Animal Hospital since 2008 and enjoys the hospital's friendly atmosphere. The owner of two dogs, a Boxer named Geno and a Siberian Husky named Kierra, Ashley also fosters animals and likes to spend her spare time with her husband, Greg and her daughters, Ailyn and Aubrie . She enjoys gardening, cooking and baking, biking, swimming, blogging and crafting.

Jacquelyn Thomas, Veterinary Technician

Jacquelyn Thomas has been a veterinary technician at Monongahela Animal Hospital since 2007 and holds an Associate's degree in specialized technology. Learning something new everyday while at work is something Jacquelyn enjoys. She shares her home with her dogs Shelby and Lillie, Ozzie the cat and two African Dwarf frogs. She enjoys volunteering her time at Washington County Humane Society fostering animals and loves spending her free time on her boat or camping. Jackie and her husband Jeff have two children, Colton and Camrynn.

Amanda McIntyre, Veterinary Technician

Amanda McIntyre is a Certified Veterinary Technician who has been a member of the Monongahela Animal Hospital staff since December of 2010. In addition to her work experience she has an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and is certified in Pennsylvania. “I like working here because the staff and clients are so friendly and make work fun,” she says. “I also learn so much every day and I love seeing all the different dogs and cats.”

Her pets include an English pointer named Bailey, a Golden Retriever named Abby, Lab mix named Sadie, box turtle named Mrs. T, and a Leopard Gecko named Clint Eastwood. Amanda’s interests include jet-skiing, outdoor activities, spending time with her friends and boyfriend, and playing with her dogs and walking them in the park. Amanda is currently planning her wedding for the summer of 2016.

Marissa Molnar

Certified veterinary technician Marissa Molnar has worked at Monongahela Animal Hospital since April 2014 and enjoys the team she works with and the overall attitude of the practice.

"Everyone is here to help animals, to make their lives better," she says. "We all get along well while achieving the same goal of helping animals." Marissa graduated from Vet Tech Institute in December 2010 and has been employed in the animal care field ever since.

She shares her home with four dogs: Diesel the Rottweiler mix, Coalby the Boxer, Pete the Pointer, and Wheeler the Cattle Dog. When she's not working, Marissa enjoys being outdoors as much as possible - hiking with her dogs, gardening, and riding quads.

Melinda Jewart

Veterinary technician Melinda Jewart joined the team at Monongahela Animal Hospital in December of 2015. She loves working with animals and helping them with their needs and enjoys working with misunderstood dog breeds. She has an associate's degree in veterinary science from the Sanford-Brown Institute. Melinda previously worked as the Humane Officer for Washington County.

At home, Melinda has three dogs: Butch, a lab mix; Zoom, a pointer; and Buddha, a pit bull. She enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking and spending time with her dogs.