Laser Therapy

Laser TherapyTraditional laser therapy, which uses low to medium power emissions to treat pain, inflammation, wounds and other conditions, has been available to doctors and veterinarians for more than 25 years. Monongahela Animal Hospital is proud to be able to treat pets with a new and improved form of laser thereapy called MLS (multiwave locked system) therapy.

Using two laser emissions at once, MLS therapy is able to overcome the restrictions of conventional low level laser therapy, which cannot synchronize its laser wavelengths. Approved by the FDA, MLS therapy is able to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief simultaneously, within a short period of time.

MLS therapy is commonly used to provide pain relief. Conditions that are treated by this form of therapy include intervertebral disc disease, degenerative joint disease, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, muscular and skeletal system trauma and more. Although guidelines state that most conditions should be treated for six to ten treatments, results can often be seen after the first treatment. MLS therapy is also affordable, making the benefits available to many pets.

If you feel your pet may benefit from MLS laser therapy, please speak to a staff member today!